Sylvia’s Passion Project – Chapter One

“This is so exciting!” Sylvia exclaimed. There was over 150 new emails in her inbox from people interested in coming to the Powerkarta Racewalkers 2017 annual gathering. She clicked some of them at random and skimmed quickly. The responses are generally positive, with most wanting more information about the event and asking for posters to be put up around their areas. “We’re going to bring members of the community together in one place and do all kinds of activities.” She was actually feeling giddy, excited about her decision to be the chairperson of this year’s annual gatheringg

“I need to make some posters to be distributed,” she mused, “but I want it to look good, not just a bunch of images and text on an overused template.” 

“Are you talking to yourself again?” a drawling voice with a teasing tone suddenly interrupted her thoughts. 

“Oh Bill! I didn’t see you come in.” Sylvia said as she quickly minimized the browser. Her supervisor is strict even though he is very supportive towards her hobbies and activities outside of work.  

Bill rolled his eyes knowingly, “Look, Sylvia, I understand that you’re really passionate about your racewalking community, but I don’t want to see my innovation officer abandoning her work. I need the first quarter report on my desk by the end of next week.”

He drops the stack of data printout on Sylvia’s desk then leaves her room. But after a few seconds Bill popped his head back into Sylvia’s room just to say, “Don’t forget to design a stunning logo for your event, you know it’s going to be used in all the materials. Good luck organizing that gathering!”
– A week later-

Sylvia rushed home after her regular post-work practice session. According to her timeline she has to distribute the posters this weekend, yet she hasn’t even designed the event logo, let alone the poster. Dealing with all the other aspects of the event certainly took more time than she originally thought, not to mention balancing all the other areas of her life. 

“I have to come up with a design tonight!” so she sat on her desk and sketched away for hours… without any success. She was interrupted by an email notification. 

Bill Shakes

Reminder: Q1 Report due tomorrow. 

Sylvia jumped out of her seat, fidgeting and breathing erratically as she circled the room to release some of the adrenaline rush. “No no no no no… How did I get myself into this overloaded mess?”

As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back, scanning between the pieces of paper filled with unfinished sketches strewn around the desk mixed with brochures, references and the brown paper napkins she used to wipe the coffee stains. She has lost her sanity for sure. She still has to deal with the venue and sound vendors, manage the social media campaign, plus her boss is asking about the report. “I don’t have time for this! Ok Google, where can I find a genie to deal with this logo and poster thing?!” she screamed in frustration.

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